Educational concept

A central element of the Big Bear House is the pleasant combination of all-day supervision with an educational program conforming to the local canton's framework curriculum for the kindergarten level. Here, children enjoy ideal conditions for developing their skills, in an environment that is designed and supervised by qualified personnel who provide a daily schedule that is both productive and appropriate for each particular age group. All activities are geared towards teaching children to enjoy the learning process and gain satisfaction from their achievements. The Big Bear House provides children with an excellent foundation so that they will be well prepared for entering grade school when they finish kindergarten.

At the Big Bear House, every child should enjoy a sense of safety and well-being, while also sharing early childhood experiences with many others of the same age group. Every day kindergarten life includes gathering to play, sing, dance, romp, paint and make handicrafts together. Here, the children are free to occupy themselves according to their needs and desires. At the same time, our staff will support and supervise each child's personal development. Targeted encouragement for each child is just as important as giving them opportunities for self-discovery. The main foundation for this is a positive social fabric, based upon mutual respect and acceptance. Our team strives to create an engaging social environment where children can enjoy a sense of community while also contributing to it. The goal is create an atmosphere where children feel warm and secure, and never neglected.

Guiding Principles of Big Bear House

Children within a particular age group are not homogenous in their development. Their characteristics and abilities may diverge enormously from statistical norms. These developmental differences are particularly prominent when children first enter kindergarten. The Big Bear House brings each child up to speed, providing optimal stimulation according to individual needs and potentials. The goal is ensure that every child will ultimately be ready for grade school, while also boosting individual strengths and moderating (or entirely eliminating) any weaknesses.

In order to address individual requirements, the Big Bear House kindergarten offers a differentiated palette of activities in order to stimulate each child accordingly. These take into consideration not only the developmental delays, but also the special talents of each child. The Big Bear House kindergarten offers children valuable experiences in the areas of self-discovery, social interaction and concrete skill-building, helping them expand and deepen their abilities and talents.

During the "Auffangzeiten" (the optional hours before and after the core teaching hours), the presence of qualified childcare personnel and teaching staff means that children have an opportunity to continue working on their lessons or to undertake additional activities. This lets them practice and apply the things they've learned, indirectly and in a naturalistic situation. In this way, new skills become more tangible, and root themselves much more deeply and permanently.