Child care places good

HoliDay House offers childcare places to children from second kindergarten year up to 5th class in Primary School. The children are cared for in two groups with a maximum of 12 children per group, 24 places in total.

Offered childcare

Children are cared for in two mixed-age groups. The age groups are splitted as follows:
1st group: 2nd year in the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd class in Primary School
2nd group: 3rd, 4th and 5th class in Primary School

The concept of both programs are different and made appropriate to the age of the group. Although, we do have parts of the program that both groups do together, such as lunch times or day trips. The children have access to the premises of «Jugendförderung» Risch/Rotkreuz. This location includes a big sitting room with kitchen, as well as picnic tables and chairs. Toilets and bathrooms are also available to use, and a big fireplace in the outside area. The premises are located next to the forest, near the sports facilities and the community pool of Rotkreuz. We provide a full day care to the children, therefore one full day attendance per week is the minimum, 5 full-days is the maximum. For organizational reasons, we do not offer half-days.


The children receive healthy meals suitable for children of school age which are prepared by themselve as a part of the programm, by a catering-service or by the staff. These meals include breakfast, Z’nüni (a morning snack), lunch and Z’vieri (an afternoon snack). Attention is given to variation and fresh foods.

Allergies and special requirements will be taken into consideration as much as possible, or the parents may bring special foods for the children. Under no circumstances will the children be forced to eat, but rather they will be motivated to eat, in particular through following the examples set by the child care staff. The children should enjoy eating and should develop a common mealtime culture.
All meals are included in the monthly fee. Any specially-requested food must be brought by the parents. This does not result in a reduction of the monthly fee.


The chosen location is the meeting point and will be a good option in case of bad weather. There are lots of opportunities for indoor activities and the kitchen makes it easy for us to have our meals here. Due to the age of the children and their need for movement, many activities will take place outdoors. Trips and excursions, as well as longer stays in the nature if the wheather is good, are important parts of the program.

Attendance in Case of Illness

The HoliDay House is not equipped to care for sick children. If a child should become ill during its stay at the HoliDay House, the parents will be contacted immediately and requested to pick up the child and care for it at home. It is important to us that the parents are informed even if a child merely feels unwell, so that the parents may decide how to proceed.
In the event of an accident (emergency), the HoliDay House management will place the child in medical treatment immediately. Whenever possible, the parents will be informed of this in advance, so that the best solution for the child may be found. The HoliDay House has a trusted physician at its disposal.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child has the required health, accident and liability insurance. The parents are held liable for damages caused by the child or for the loss of stuff or valuables brought by the child.


The rooms at the HoiDay House are furnished and equipped in accordance with the needs of the children. They employ all of the necessary safety measures and are approved and regularly inspected by the fire police. The HoliDay House has an emergency plan that includes a hazard assessment and corresponding measures to eliminate these hazards.

We welcome and see the children off personally. If the parents are not able to pick up their child, they must give details to the team about the person that is going to do the pick up, their name, how are they related, etc. The children that come by themselves (for example the ones that live in Rotkreuz), must bring a written approval signed by their parents beforehand. It is a responsibility of the parents to make sure that the children safely get to the HoliDay House and safely arrive home at the end of the day.
In case a child does not get to the HoliDay House on time, we will immediately inform the parents.


The human being is at the center of everything we do. His or her health and well-being are close to our heart. For our function as a social institution, this means a high level of cleanliness, to be able to ensure a high level of safety for the children and the staff. In addition to this principle, we also have a cleaning and hygiene plan, which is absolutely essential and which is evaluated and improved regularly.