Social pedagogical principles

At Lil' Mouse House, the uniqueness of each child is respected and he or she is accepted as an individual, with his or her own personality. We support each child in the individual development of its social skills, self-awareness and cognitive abilities, by taking notice of the child's initial level of development, and then guiding, and fostering that development appropriately.

The development of a healthy level of self-confidence during the first few years of a child's live is extremely important. This can only occur if the child is entrusted with an appropriate level of authority to make decisions for itself. At Lil' Mouse House, we make it possible for children to participate in decisions and to express their own desires. Doing things for itself, making its own decisions, and bearing the responsibility for these decisions helps a child's personality to mature.

In addition to the focus on individuality in the work with the children, the daily environment at Lil' Mouse House offers structure, rules, boundaries and rituals. These give the child a sense of security, orientation and place in the group. A child will only be willing to learn once such a framework has been established.

Movement forms the basis for the intellectual development of the children. Every child has a natural desire to move. We at Lil' Mouse House support the expression of this desire by creating opportunities throughout the day for the child to freely explore movement, whether inside or outside. As a counterpart to this, we also make sure that there possibilities exist to retire to a peaceful corner, to enjoy quiet periods, and to be able to relax.

Nature and the environment are important elements of the daily programme at Lil' Mouse House. Every day, the children have the opportunity to spend time in nature, and to bring many new experiences and impressions home with them. Each time of the year offers its own specific opportunities for learning and discovery.