Financial Affairs

Parents' fees are calculated as a monthly fee. Company holidays, holidays taken by the children, bank holidays, absence due to illness and other general absences by the child do not result in a partial or total refund of the fee, as the monthly fee already takes such absences into account. The number of days per month on which the child is to be cared for are agreed to in a written contract and will be billed in advance. This bill is to be paid by the tenth day of the month in which the childcare services are provided.
Parents will not be billed for the adjustment time for the child, but instead will only be charged after the official start of childcare. The first month's fee will include a registration fee of CHF 250.00 per child.

The monthly fee

The monthly fee is calculated as follows:
(Number of days per week) x (daily fee) x (4 weeks) = monthly fee
A daycare place (100%) at Lil' Mouse House costs: CHF 2'400.00 (status 01.2017)

Rate for babies

For children up to the age of 18 months, we directly invoice the amount of CHF 10.00 per care day. You are not allowed to get any subsidies for this fee. 

Full and part-day variations

The provision of childcare for an entire day will be billed at the full daily rate. Additionally, it is possible for the child to be cared for just for the first half of the day (until the end of lunch) at half of the daily rate, or until about 2:00 p.m. (until after nap time) for ¾ of the daily rate. The number of days of care is to be agreed to in advance.

flexible additional days and day swapping

At our childcare centre, it is possible to swap a day on which childcare is planned for a day on which it is not planned, or to flexibly add additional days as needed by paying the daily fee. These options are contingent upon the availability of places on the days in question.


The parents' fees are subsidised by the partner company. The daily fee is calculated individually, based up-on the income of both parents. If the parents wish to make use of the company discount, they must provide information about the earnings of the entire household, in the form of take best care GmbH. Lil' Mouse House commits itself to handling this data confidentially in accordance with data protection regulations.

Cancellation policy

Every childcare place can be cancelled at the end of the month by the parents or Lil' Mouse House by providing written notice two months in advance. If less than two months' advance notice is provided, the full monthly fee will be charged for the two month notice period.

Parents whose children have been promised a place a Lil' Mouse House and who have signed a contract to this effect but cancel this contract fewer than two months in advance will be billed for the remainder of the two month notice period.