Social pedagogical principles

At HoliDay House each child will be perceived as an individual, and respect will be shown to all of the different personalities.

As the students visit our HoliDay House only a few days in the year, our goal is to build a trustful relationship as soon as possible. By working and making choices together, we create an environment filled with respect and appreciation.

We give great attention to requests and needs, and we try our best to implement them on a daily basis. In case an implementation cannot be achieved, we try to find a solution that is best for everyone.

Each student will be perceived and accepted as an individual. We cultivate a fair, amicable and open relationship with one another, and that helps us build a peaceful environment.
Observed by our teachers, students will be given the opportunity to resolve conflicts, but will be supported if they cannot resolve the situation themselves.

Through its wide ranges program, HoliDay House offers the students opportunities to experience new things, to have fun, to build new friendships and share common experiences and memories at the same time. We offer the children a carefree holiday filled with activities appropriate to their age to support their further development.

During these fun activities we create a positive and open-minded atmosphere between the children and the teachers.
Building a sense of belonging is of great importance to us and every personality will be accepted and appreciated as a part of our community. Each experience within our group helps the children to further develop their personalities and social skills.