Themed week

The program during a «themed week» will be made according to the chosen theme. The theme will be carefully elaborated, arranged and adapted to the age of the children. A themed week gives the children the opportunity to dive deep into their interests and live out their dreams. A themed week can also be based upon a constructive and further developing program that gives them the opportunities to build things together, and to celebrate successes together. They also get a deeper insight into the chosen theme. These weeks should give the children the opportunity to have lots of fun and a deeper insight of the chosen theme at the same time.

Day trips and themed weeks

HoliDay House gives great value to day trips and experiences in the outdoors. The day trips destinations will be picked according to the age, the weather and the current theme. The trips will be thoroughly planned and organised by our team in advance. The common experiences in the nature will help the children develop their social skills. They will meet physical, phychological and social challenges which will boost the development of their personalities. Depending on the program, they will be able to discover their limits as well.

Daily program

Every day we provide a program that is created according to the age of the group. Using our knowledge and network of contacts, we offer the children an exciting and versatile program that is made of various categories, such as: nature, sport, games, music, crafts, adventure and many more. We make sure that a part of the program is done in the outdoors.

Visiting art-studios and workshops

Children learn and experience many things that are valuable to their development during these visits. The studios are always kids friendly and are led by qualified staff members. Doing crafts and creating independently strengthens their self-confidence. The children learn to design and create things that makes them feel positive about themselves.