Financial Affairs

Parents' fees are calculated as a daily fee.

The amount that has to be paid is calculated by multiplying the daily fee with the number of booked days.
A full time care place at the HoliDay House costs CHF 135.- per day. (status 03.2015). It is for 10 hours care, including costs of trips, entry fees, meals («Z’vieri», lunch, «Z’nüni» and drinks), travel costs (public transport), materials and rooms being used.
The rate per day is fixed and calculated so that all costs of the week are covered. In case the day booked does not include a trip, entry fees, or any other additional costs, the daily rate will still be the same.
The amount owed must be paid before the program starts, or at the latest on the day the child joins the HoliDay House.


Changes in the application, or even cancelling the application are accepted free of charge up to two weeks before the start of the program. Should you cancel or would like to change care days less than two weeks before, full amount will have to be paid. Reimbursement is possible in exceptional cases (accident, sickness with a doctor’s notice, emergency within the family an so on...). The management decides on the amount that will be reimbursed.


Variations of care

The provision of childcare for an entire day will be billed at the full daily rate. The number of days of care is to be agreed to in advance.


Children whose parents work at the partner company will get subsidy of CHF 50.00 per day; so the amount owed will be CHF 85.00 per day, per child.

Flexible additional days and day swapping

Although we always try to find a solution that is best for everyone, it is not possible to swap days in the same week, after the plan is already made, or to apply for additional days by paying the fees. But we can make exceptions if the circumstances allow us.

Cancellation policy

HoliDay House is allowed to terminate the care agreement at any time if a relevant reason exists (not meeting the staff rules or instructions, not integrating into the group, etc.). Especially if the welfare of the group or children is endangered because of a misbehaviour or breach of rules.

HoliDay House is entitled to suspend the child from the program if there is still misbehaviour even after the child has been warned, and the parents have been notified. In such case, a reimbursement will not be made.

The parents are obliged to give specific details and special requirements of the child by filling in the application form. HoliDay House reserves the right to decline applications that bring special circumstances. If insufficient or lack of information on the children’s needs brings the child’s welfare at risk, HoliDay House will not be held responsible.